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MicroBot OG Pronounced Oh Gee

Using Temperature and Distance finds a person

Microbot is my attempt to build the smallest tracked bot that I could using an Arduino Nano and Sensor Shield. It has a 128x64 Oled mono screen that displays a face and messages based on the reaction. I amusing a touch less temperature sensor and Sharp IR distance sensor together to detect the presence of a person. When the bot is first powered on it goes through a seek and looks for a temperature above 80 F. Once this is found it then follows that heat source at a given distance. If you hold you hand it will only come so close and if you put your hand closer to the bot it will back up. This is all based on the temperature and distance to the object. If the temperature falls below 80 F it then stops and goes into the search mode again until it is found. After several attempts of search if it does not find the heat source it will stop and go into a rest mode. If the heat source (your hand) is placed in front of it for a second it will detect that and wake up and begin searching and following. If the bot reaches the edge of a table it will backup as it has a IR sensor on the bottom checking the distance.

UPDATE 3/18/18:

I have added the ability for it to roam around autonomously. After it has not detected the presence of a temperature above 80F it then goes in autonomous mode roaming around. During this time if it detects a temperature above 80F it then goes right back into following that object/person. If you get too close to it, it backs up and as you move away fm it, it moves forward and follows.

Microbot is 4" wide x 5" long x 4" tall.

Update 3/28/2018:

Microbot now has an official name "OG"

Update 3/30/2018:

I received my new Oled screen and it work great.

I installed the new screen and also designed a single transistor amplifier for the .5 inch speaker that is now installed.

The wires inside of OG all need to be shorter so I spent a hour shortening the wires and cleaning up the inside.

Below are some pictures before the wires were shortened and the new screen added.

Here are the after pictures.

Currently I am working on an IR Beacon that OG will be using.

I am also working on adding the ability to use a IR remote to change the temperature that he detects and change modes.



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Thanks for posting. Good to see someone makeing forward progress. Some questions:

   1. Will it move in a straight line for a distance of 2 meters?
   2. Which thermal sensor?
   3. What is the range spec on the downward facing IR distance sensor?



Thank you GG.

It will move in a stright line for 2 meters if you keep you hand placed in front of it as it follows the heat.

The sensor I am using is this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/MLX90614-Contactless-Temperature-Sensor-Module-For-Arduino-Compatible/232265050678?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

The downward fcing IR has a very limited distance and is adjustable. Here is the one I am using. https://www.ebay.com/itm/5pcs-IR-Infrared-Obstacle-Avoidance-Sensor-Module-for-Arduino-Smart-Car-Robot-US/132290008860?epid=2225079397&hash=item1ecd19571c:g:rFYAAOSwH9dZi0mG

"and looks for a temperature above 80 C."

You must be one Hot Dude!

Neat work!

Thank you Karel.

I plan to put a momentary push button on the top and use it to change the temperature setting.

A typo should be 80 F.

Nice little robot you built there! It really does fit in the palm of your hand!

What is that hole on the top ?

Thank you Opi.

The hole on the top is a piezo element that is used for it to make odd sounds based on the condition.

Show a few pics of its "innards"? 

Hi Coleman, I will get some images of its insides here soon. I will be replacing the 128x64 Oled with a different one and will be able to take some pictures of it then.

I am trying to figure out why I like it, here's my best guesses...

It has tracks

It has a shell to hide all the crazy stuff inside.

It has sensors that imply more brains than most.

Its not any bigger than it needs to be.

Thank you Martin for the compliments they are much appreciated.

Yes it is very compact.