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Mindstorm NXT 4 legs walker

walk around

Haven't touched the dusted Mindstorm NXT at corner for long time I decide to combine it with lots of parts salvage from friends for 4 leg walker.

The leg idea and parts base on one of chassis from Lynxmotion:

DIsassemble the previous MANTIS:

Most parts are still from lynxmotion:

The rod is not long enough so I have to extens with that little piece of plate:

Put everything all together:

Servo controller at back

External battery @ bottom box


Basically 4 moves to make it moving straight and for turnning as well.


Lighter line means the leg up. Sorry for bad English but you get the idea.

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Nice robot. I also have an NXT lying in my closet (man I haven't touched it for a year or so!) and I want to sell it to buy parts for custom robots.

Very cool robot.

I like how smooth the transition is when changing steps. The metal legs really match the colours of the NXT too.

I have one of the older NTX 2.0 (Older yellow ones) Do you know if they can be modified to run non-lego parts?

I think you can try this site:

http://www.hitechnic.com or http://www.mindsensors.com

Personally I never try to build any custom sensor for NXT myself but I think they sell some customize tools out there.