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mini robotic arm

moving a little bolt from one side to the other side

After having some ice cream I got the idea for this robotic arm.



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Is that first video shown at real speed? That little guy is pretty damn fast!
Nice use of a simple gripper design.

No doubt others will want to know too - where did you get your servos from?

I am one of those others who would really like to know where you got your servos from.

I love how small and simple it is :)

Good implementation of that controlling mechanism (I forget the name).

maybe the proportional integral and differencial? PID control :P  yeah nice little one

Cool ,i like its speed .

Where did you get those servos im interested in buying some.

The mini robot works with the following servo type :



dimension: 19.7 x 8.2 x 24 mm

weight: 4,4 g

torque: 5 Ncm

settling time for 60 degrees: 90ms

coming from a local dealer for electronic parts in Germany

The video which shows the robot working is at real speed (see servo data)

The programm moves the servos at full speed to the next position and a short delay time after each command allows all of the servos to reach their final position.

That means that it is possible to increase the speed a little bit more by doing some fine tuning of the delay times after each command.

The second video shows the "Teach-In-Arm"  which allows the Controller to "copy" the movement of this arm to the robotic arm.

The final thing which is still not implemented is the routine which saves the "Teach In" data 5 or 10 times per second, so that the conroller is able to replay it in a loop with the original speed or with a lower or higher speed.

Nice arm. It looks great. I like the way you did the gripper. Very simple.

I don't think it cost only $20 though. Those topline servos alone are $10 a piece.

you are right,

I exchanged the price for thr servos with another project.

But in this case one servo costs about 10 EUR.

I corrected the total costs to a better guess

Thanks  :-)