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Navigate around via infrared

MiniBot is a robot I created to test my new nanoDuino boards. It is based in an old Mini Cooper toy car I had. It is a very small car, almost the size of a arduino UNO board.

How it only had space for two AA batteries, I decided to use a cell-phone one and created a holder for it using some perfboard and headers.

It has one only distance sensor, the SHARP you can see on the front and a encoder which tells the position of the front wheels. The motors are driven by the SMD version of the L293D, the L293DD, which is in shield soldered directly under the nanoduino.

I had it going forward and only turn we it saw a obstacle but then tough that it would be funnier to see if it went always in circles and only move backward and turn to the other side when it detected something in his way.

The plastic cover was made using Fristl technique, because the original was too heavy and rigid.


You can't see it on this video, but when it is in smooth floor it starts doing nice drifts. I guess I need to film it again :D




Some pictures:


The nanoDuino I used

MiniBot naked

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and I love that this bot was Fritsl'ed, not to be confused with Fritz'ed :) What kind of material did you Fritsl?

The same, a simple plastic plate :)