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Mobiton - Robotic Smartphone Shell

Uses a smartphone to operate. It can be an assistant, pet, or a telepresence device. Can be anything depends on the mobile app you write.

Hey Guys,

I know, I didn't post for a while. Didn't have time to post some of the projects, sorry about it.

Alright, so here is our new project, we plan to go commercial with it. It is called Mobiton. It is a robotic shell for mobile devices (android currently). You can dock your phone on the device, an application written for the robot pops up and it brings the robot to life.

We have programmed a telepresence application. You can login the robot from any platform (tablets, phones, browser of a pc) and have full control over the robot while having a two-way video chat.
If you can develop an android app, you can do anything with the robot. You can turn it into an assistant, pet, play interactive games, anything.
It is basically a robotic platform for mobile devices open for further development.

We have also developed an ANE (adobe native extension). Therefore you can develop apps for the robot with Adobe Flash. It couldn't get easier, it is so straight forward, embedding/using the ANE to your project takes seconds, after that you can have rich visual content on the screen, fully integrated with the robot.

It also has 4x edge sensors to protect it (and your precious mobile device) from falling from a table

So, we are now basically looking for investors to mass-produce this little guy. The one in the images is the prototype. For those who know my previous projects, It is hand-made out of Sintra, a PVC foam. We are currently designing one in 3d suitable for mass-production.

The nice thing about this robot it that it accomplishes so many thing with minimum cost. We have built the prototype for around 150$. The user already have the smart-phone that costs a lot and include all the required hardware such as camera/cpu/gpu/screen/wi-fi/3g. This is what makes the robot very affordable.

Here is the website of the robot: http://mobiton.net

If anyone here have any contact in any technological/mobile blog/news website, I would love if they could let me know. We built this thing with minimum budget and want to announce it to as many people as possible to increase our chances in finding an investor.

Cheers ^_^

Btw, we are shooting a nice video for the robot, but here is a video from the early tests. It is on facebook but with global permission, so it shouldn't be a problem to watch it: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151341645751579

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This is a great job, Would it be possible to "pipe" the smartphones camera lens to the front of the platform with a periscope type of module? Good luck finding an investor, this should take off quick when the fuse is lit.

Thanks! :)
Most of the phones have a front camera. You mean piping the camera on the back for more megapixels?

Very nice project and good luck!!!! The cell phone has to be rooted? And is there any way to find your app?


Cell phone does not need to be rooted, it uses the Android Open Accessory protocol, you can check it out here: http://developer.android.com/tools/adk/index.html

The app is not available on the market, it is of course useless without the robot. :)

That may be an answer to your funding.