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MSP_BOT (Multi Sensor Platform Robot)

Navigate around via ultrasound, Navigate around via Infrared, Light Seeker

This is my attempt to master different navigation sensors in one single robot, via the upload of the appropriate code. Made of two CDs, some spacers, 2x 6V DC motors, a caster wheel, one 9g micro Servo, one,Ultrasound sensor, two LDR and to sets of IR emitter and receiver pairs. Code alterations from Chickenparmi and JerZ for the IR navigation (thanks for sharing :) ) Sorry for the wire mess.... :):):) As you can see the ultrasound navigation is a bit twitchy, because I believe that sometimes the sensor pics up reflection eco from the ground... I'll try to improve it. Best regards.

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I really like the platform you're using! It's very agile and quick. If I could make a recomendation, once the robot detects an obstacle, try having the robot back up before turning. This would alleviate alot of the collisions I saw in your videos. Very nice robot. 

Also, how did you mount that ultrasonic sensor on that servo? Is that a servo horn? custom bracket?

Thanks for the tips :) I'll willtry that.

The Ultrasound sensor is screwed to some polymorph that is also screwed to the servo horn :) you could call it a custom bracket :).

Implementation ofJerZ's Penny IR navigation system.