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 I'm new to robotics

I work in Business Intelligence with some statistician who do probabilty and modelling.

I'm really interested in that and robotics, especially self learning.

I wanted to know if I can help in anyway or if you could suggest an approach to do something similar to Anna but just as a software.

I guess it would be to implement the base web API and only interface with audio.

Let me know, I will help you if you can if I can write some code that will be useful for you but I think I want to build some sort of detective.

Great work !

 keep it up and let me know!

Sorry, I didn't notice your post.  Some how your post was on my id and not my robot.  I've never seen that before.

Thanks for the interest.

The brain is going online as a free service for people to experiment with.  I also expect to try to integrate a lot more typical machine learning algos later this year.  I would welcome you to create an account soon and try out the brain and provide any ideas you might have for moving forward.

I'll probably be getting into more behavioral stuff later this spring, like modelling more interactions between motivations, emotions, events, and actions.  I anticipate that this will be done by experimenting on the website with various settings and seeing what happens.  There may be a place for someone with your background and a more statistical approach.  I don't know yet.  Every step in this endeavor is always new.  I also have an effort going to get the robots to learn through correlation and other similar means.

I'll keep you posted.  Feel free to send any thoughts you have on this, better to post on the robots page next time, as I may not see it here.



I like the robot.can i get the detailed construction and program of your bot.

Hello.  My name is Tony, I have been a member of LMR for a few months now, basically to follow the progress you are making with Anna.  There are a few things I'd love to pick your brain about.

I have been working on a .NET Based Robot myself but the progress it sounds like you have made.  Wow.  I have jsut started dabbling with SharpNLP.  A C# library based on OpenNLP.

I am a Microsoft software developer by trade.  Mostly line of business apps.  Analytics.  Research. 

I'ld love a chance to connect with you.  Maybe even offer some assistance, help testing or what have you.

If you have a chance and would like to chat, below is my email.

tewissler @ live dot com

An excellent Project -well written.

Any chance of some construction and AI documentation?

This is a real robot project that is technologically  way over the usual wall-banger robot.

I intent to create an ANNA2 if possible.

Please share you documenation with us, I an not the only one who would like it.

Thank you.

All the very best   




Learns by listening and the web. Talks, answers questions from her own memory or Wolfram, tells jokes, expresses opinions, quotes wiki or people, tracks heat or colors. Has reflex behaviors. Uses various web services. Has her own motivations that drive autonomy.
what did you use to make it do this. i am building a robot that i want to mimic what yours is able to do 


What a superb project.

Any chance of any detailed technical infomation like :

HW list, HW Block Diagrams  and SW Block diagrams - of a few listings would be better....<i would happily pay for this

Here in Germany,  Robot building seems to be not to that popular and is expensive getting any decent mechanical components and chassis.

Post from the USA is horribly expensive as well, so only bulk orders would make ordering cheaper.

So any help is most welcome, since experimentation could be financially high.



Hi Bonzadog,

I'm so sorry I missed your posts.  I usually check the robots but these posts were against my user name.  Anyway, perhaps easier if you add comments to my robots directly or contact my by email at martintriplett@gmail.com.

I'm in the process of getting a new commericial venture started...www.redskyrobotics.com and getting ready for SXSW.  I'll see what I can pull together and share as far as diagrams are concerned.  There are a few high level diagrams on the website.

Ava speaks a little German now.  Cracks me up, a robot telling jokes in German.  I am focusing more on Mandarin though.

Auf wiedersehen,



Hi I am really impressed with your work implementing AI.  I am just getting started on making a robot, you can see it in my profile.  I woud love for it to have even a small portion of the capabilities that yours do.  For starters definitely voice recognition and synthesizing speech.  Eventually I'd like to have the works: utilize Internet connectivity, autonomous navigation, visual recognition, and AI capabiities.  Basically turn it into a person as much as possible. 

There are so many options I have researched; it's hard to tell which approach would work good as a next step.  I think the Uno/ATMega328p is too slow for voice recognition and synthesis from the examples I've found, do you agree?  Would you mind describing which of the processors/computers/microcontrollers are responsible for which functions and run which software, especaily the speech recognition and speech synthesis?  

For instance, I have thought of doing the voice recognition and synthesis using an android phone, because there are many apps for speech to text and text to speech; although I would have to figure out how to access their data and I am considering the IOIO controller board: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12633 for the interface with the phone (with an UNO), however I don't know Java or Android and would have a steep learning curve.  Do you use the IOIO board with the phone, if not how do you interface the phone?  Basically I know Arduino Wiring moderately well and am just learning linux on a Pi Zero.  


Thanks for the kind words.  If I were you, I'd start learning either Android (using an Octacore Phone) or something like Raspberry Pi.  The phones are a lot more powerful and have the speech, camera, GPS, Light, and other things built in.  You can use OpenCV for vision and SQLLite for a DB.  There is a learning curve, but the possibilities are huge.

This is a high level breakdown of what does what on Ava...

Arduino Mega - handles throttle control, sonar array, obstacle avoidance, navigation, USB link to phone, message routing, serial links to other controllers, about 25 services in all.

Lynmotion Board - for controlling servos.

Arduino Uno - handles Thermal Array, lasers, and link to mega.  Will eventually handle a lot more.

Phone - handles video with OpenCV 3.0, GPS, ight sensor, face drawing, USB link with Mega, Internet link with server, emotions, motivations, talking, listening, visual map, sonar map, a lot of other services.

Server - handles speech processing, grammar, comprehension, memory, curiosity, question answering, autonomous tallking, answer processing, reflexes, unsupervised learning, too many other services to mention...around 250.

Hope this helps.  Happy coding.