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Thanks for the info!  I realy appreciate it.  I am really looking into voice synthesis and control now.  I have found several android apps for voice control, but I think they need to have you touch the phone to activate it.  Would you mind sharing more detail about the voice control and synthesis you have found to work well?  Thanks.

I use the text to speech and speech to text that comes with Android.  Some manufacturers have different voice options, but the software side is the same for all.

There is no inherent need to touch the phone, that's just how I did it.  You can get the phone to start listening from any event in your software.  If you connect a robot to your phone, the robot could trigger it to listen when it receives an IR signal, periodically, at the press of a button, whatever.  You do have to program all this though.  Alternatively, you could have the robot start to listen when it sees a face, when the light goes up (like if you pointed a flashlight at the bot), or some other circumstance it could recognize.

You can set the speed and volume of the voice, but that's about it.  I wish I could figure out a way to get the robot to sing, but a lot more "control" is needed for that.  A lot more control is also needed to allow robots to pronounce all words correctly in the given context (words like "live" have multiple pronunications).  Another thing that is needed is inflection control, questions have somewhat different inflection than statements.  The current text to speech doesn't allow you to control these things.

You can play mp3 files at the same time as talking, which can be useful.

Hi Ava!

I am speaking from the LattePanda team from here in Shanghai!

We really like your project and would like to get in touch with you. 

my email is lpanda1@outlook.com shoot me an email whenever you get the chance!