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My first bot

Drives Arround

I started this robot a couple of weeks ago, it's just plywood, plastic wheels, some hitec 615mg servos that were laying around modified for continous rotation.  Currently control is through an Arduino Uno being fed by an RC receiver.  I have a PING sensor and some IR LED's that I think might make it a bit more interesting in the near future. The code is really ugly at the moment.  I'll attach it to this post as soon as I figure out some place to stick it.


Some other pics:

plastic wheels

Servo mounted


update: 5/9/2012

I've added a Ping ultrasonic sensor and a servo to the front of the beast.  I'm having a lot of interesting fun altering my code to make it go where I want it to based on the input from the sensor.  

update 5/10/2012:

Just a small update, I uploaded my code to github if anyone is interested in looking at my spagetti code.


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I bet those large wheels will come in handy when tackling rougher terrain. Nice build so far!

You have a nice start there.

What is up with the orange tape?

heh, those are price tags I forgot to remove.

here I thought you were going to say something impressive like, the beginnings of an encoder setup. :P

Nice start!!

Sorry for double comment.

As you can see from the images I have a bit of a rats nest of wires in the middle, these are mostly all of the servo power & ground lines going to the battery.  would anyone have a suggestion for some sort of simple power distrobution block to neaten this up?