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my First Humanoid Robot (17 DOF)

April 11th 2018 Update : The Items Used have changed. I Will Update Soon... project : 17 DOF humanoid Robot



Components Used :


Im not quite sure if thats the correct battery, but it's a left-over from a previous project, that I think can be used in this project. Please inform, if someone believes its not a good choice, as my knowledge in this field is very limited.

I also have a 5v 4 Relay shield that I am planning to use if the power seems to be not enough

* I am still at the beginning of the project, trying to make a servo move since it is the first time I'm using 32 channel board

* At last I found a way to move the servos, now its time to Assemble the robot..

* Added some more components for better debugging and future problem resolving. Already ordered a SparkFun XBee Explorer USB

and one more Xbee s1 for wireless communication

Any help would be very appreciated..

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After two days of web searching I can't find anything asolif about how to fully connect arduino with 32 channel servo board ver.7 that I am using. If anyone know know, please help !!!

Have you tried to get any documentation or help from the company you bought it from?  

Thats a good idea. Thank you very much,

I did it, they told me to email them, which I did. I hope they answer to me soon.

Thanks again.

If they give you documentation and you have trouble converting that to code, I'm sure we can help.

Ok, I'll keep you updated,

Thank you very much again for your immediate response.


Hello there,

I had no answer from my sypplier yet, but I searched online again and again and Finaly Found a solution...

I will update soon.

996r and 995 DONT support 7.4v from a LIPO, i burn many 996r this way

mg996r and 995 DONT support 7.4v, only 7.2v, i burn many mg996r this way

Thank you so for your input @fred1456, it confirms my suspicions about voltage issues. The same unfortunately happened to me.. I I Burned already 4-6 motors. I think I found the solution yesterady, (already I have ordered a voltage regulator hoping to fix the problem).

Thank you again very much.

i have upgrade my own biped with 12x JX PDI-6221MG , those servos cost more, but there are so powerfull and dont make noise !

i recommend those.