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My First Robot

navigates via ultrasound, controlled by wii nun chuck
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This is a robot that can be controlled by a wii nunchuck, or it can navigate on its own. It avoids cliffs with the ultrasonic sensor on the front arm, and it avoids obstances with the front-facing  ultrasonic sensor. It has a grabbing device on the front which is powered by a servo. It can go backwards (only with one wheel) using the relay ( I only had one pair of relays). It has a pen for a back wheel, which slides along the ground with relatively low friction. It can be controlled by a wii nunchuk. I got the code to connect the wii nunchuck and arduino from: http://todbot.com/blog/.

. It is powered by 4 batteries. In the videos it is plugged into an outlet because I did not have any batteries on hand.

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I noticed you have the same gripper that I got awhile back. I was wondering what servo you are using with it.

I used a deluxe hitec Hs-422 servo