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My First Rover Robot

Navigates via ultrasound sensor
MFRR_GGR.zip1009 bytes

Lurking a few months now in this forum I've been learning from all of you. I started assembling and playing with some Dagu robots like the Adventure bot and mini-biped and other kits available here locally, but practically the platforms were ready and the codes were complete and had to be just applied or sometimes tweaked.

This time I had to work on my parts and the code (mix-n-match what I find). I bought three servos (Towerpro SG5010). Used one for the neck (panning). For the motor I converted the two into continuous rotation servos (instructions in this site). The servos came with these round horns but were too small for wheels, so I cut two plastic boards from my main hard plastic board and had them machined round into wheels with a hole and glued the round servo horns to them to attach the motors.

For the eyes (sensor), I used an SRF05 sonar sensor. I couldn't succeed with the single trigger/echo pin, so I used its SRF04 mode where one pin was for echo and the other for trigger. Battery case contained 4AA cells to give the 5-6v power needed to run both the servos, the sensor, and the arduino board. I used a locally made Arduino duemillanove compatible board called Aceduino (Philippines; another locally made board here is called Gizduino).

Since I do not have experience with programming, I made use of the SRF04 libraries found in the Arduino site and all pertaining information. I then searched this site for all first robots made with arduino using either motors or servo and tried to adapt their code snippets to the project.

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if you would paint a patern like this.

you could use your wheels inside as rotary encoder disc. And it would look cool.

that's a great idea. thanks, i'll explore the various designs.

I love the use of the bottle cap for the sonar mount on the servo.

I've been collecting bottle caps for months now and it never occured to me that they would be awesome to use for that purpose :)

Overall looking quite good!

i personally think your collection of bottle caps will come in handy for this hobby. I had a grand time checking out various sized caps until I could come up with one that would fit the sensor.

For the code I tweaked the MAEP 2.0 code for this purpose.