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My R2-D2

This is my fully functional scratch built R2-D2 with spinning dome and openning panels including accuating arms

…a long time ago…about 25 years ago actually I made a lifesize rc R2 out of cardboard, sweat and a lot of tape. It made it through one sf convention before I had to mothball it because of rain the very next day, lol. Now after a long thought process over the years and after visiting so many conventions (last being the celebration III and IV). I decided this is it. I love a challenge, I’ve love the entire astrodroid concept as well as Star Wars (of course) and face it R2’s the real hero. So this is my attempt to recreate a hero to us all R2-D2

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i nearly forgot how cool r2 d2 was.
Thanks...it was a very cool project but takes a long time to make the parts. It took 11 months and 28 days.
what did you use to make the exterior?
My blog has all the details about the entire building process. However, the interior is a wooden frame. I then wrapped around that 2 mm thick airplane plywood. Then I wrapped around that 1 mm thick polystyrene (carvd out the panels first). Finally, about 4 coats of semigloss white paint. That building process took about 3-4 months
Amazing! Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks and you're welcome :)
my inner child is smacking his cheerio-covered forarms in delight
And I make the check out to........? Cash then?
hahaha....!!!! :D

Amazing stuff you got there!! Congrats for your work!!