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My selfbuild CNC-Mill

CNC Stuff....hopefully...

For now its almost done! My selfbulid CNC-Mill is ready to use.

It all started during my x-mas holidays when I found Tinheads Valkyrie here on LMR. I had the idea of bilding a CNC-Mill before, but the whole thing seemed to be to complicated. But then, inspired by Tinhead I started reading DIY CNC-pages for hours and hours and after a few days I started building it. My first machine had a lot of mistakes (you can see the history here: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/16392), but i learned a lot by doing so.

So here are some facts about the final version:

Working Area: 310x310x10mm

Working speed X&Y up to 5000mm/min, Z up to 500 mm/min

The movement of the axis is controlled by stepper-motors with 200steps and 4A phasecurrent.

The PCB for the stepperdriver is bought here: www.mechapro.de (3D-Step)

The whole system is running under ubuntu-linux und EMC2 (linuxcnc.org) on an old PC (Athlon XP 1,6GHz - 512 MB Ram - 8GB CF-Card as harddisk)

What did it all cost:

  1. woodparts: 0€ (every woodpart is "recycled")
  2. aluminium: about 70€
  3. linearrails: 100€ (ebay)
  4. the whole Y-axis: 35€ on ebay (this was really really cheap!!!!)
  5. linearscrew 16x4 for the x-axis: 25€ (ebay - 1 I had already before)
  6. Stepper-motors: 16€ (ebay)
  7. ballbearings: about 15€
  8. Stepperdriver-PCB: 20€
  9. Stepperdriver-parts: about 30€
  10. Stepperdriver enclosure: 0€ (it's an about 20 years old dual 5-1/4" floppy-drive enclosure)
  11. Spindle (Kress FME 800): 120€
  12. 24V Power-Supply: 8€ (ebay)
  13. 5V Logic-Supply: 0€ (old small ATX supply)
  14. PC: 0€ (put together the best old parts i had flying around)
  15. misc. electronic parts (relais, darlington, cable, etc.): about 20€

all together (including things i have forgotten) about 500€

If someone has a question - feel free to post here, I will answer as fast as possible!

a few more pics:




Things to get changed someone in the (deep) future:

- Working-tabe made of 20mm Aluminium (80€) an a T-Nuten table (don't know the english word)

- a frame made of steel or aluminium (no more wood)

- better mount for the spindel

- depth-regulation for better engraving/pcb cutting

- 4A/phase update for the stepperdriver

- better interface for manual control (broke already a few bits through pressing the wrong key.....)

- better vacuum system for dust removal....

 Update 1.10.2010:

New Video: Now its possible to play music on my cnc ;-)

made with mid2cnc

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Looks very good.  I would love to build one of these myself but still seem a bit high for me right now :(.

It's not that complicated. If your not equiped with two left hands there should be no problem doing this. There are a lot of pages on the net (and also here on LMR) where you can get a lot of hints! But always keep in mind, you can only cut things with your mill that are softer than the material your mill is made off!

For this version of my mill i drawed a lot sketches in CAD to see where I could get problems before i start bulding/converting it.



Nice build though, I built a CNC too but much bigger:)

I have seen your build! Its nice work too. I'm thinking of expanding my X-axis to about 600mm so that i can directly mount the CFK-Material (it comes 250x500mm) without cutting it before. But not that soon ;-)





what Ubuntu are you running the EMC2 under?


it's 8.04 (The one that came with the EMC LiveCD)