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My Tele-operation robot, Generation two

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Hello Friends, I am very happy to join in LMR. Hope to know you. This is my second generation Tele-operation robot built during 2015. This robot is based on the open source platform Beaglebone white which running Debian Linux. Compare to my first Generation robot, thanks to the Beaglebone, the hardware structure of the second Generation is more simple now. The Beaglebone runnning with Linux is responsible for all the tasks: motion control, networking communication, sensor interface and video streaming. I can realize more advanced features for my robot like the machine vision with it. Now I only connect a laser lamp and a Ultra sound sensor to it.

you can see my blog for more details. :)


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Ni hao !

ni shi Zhung guo ren ma ?

anyway it will be better if you provide details on the component, it will be lovely if you put your source code also. thank you b4


Yes. But I work and live in sweden. I am trying to write down the details in my private blog now. you can find the address in the demo video.

Where did you get the tracks? 

thank you for watching my robot. The tracks I bought from www.taobao.com which is a chinese version ebay....

Dear: forwardkth

Wonderfull bot I must say I love the tracks and everything. Nice bot!!! Also welcome to LMR in case nobody has said so yet. Also I have one question, what chassis are you using? Is it bought or homemade? Thank you.

From: Noah

Thank you for saying Welcome to me :)

The chassis I bought from the chinese website www.taobao.com It is a chinese version ebay. It cost less than100 dollars.

But the design is not perfect. I think the space is too small to mount many devices and sensors. It is also very heavy, so consume much more power.

Dear: forwardkth

You should know I have a rover in mind like the robot you built. It is built with a dagu rover 5 chassis and it is going to a kinect sensor with an intel nuc. I love rovers you see. When I saw your robot it just reminded me of something I would eventually build. Well done.

In case you are wondering what my rover 5 is going to do it is going to be remotely controlled when you first use it. Then it will find it's way home autonomously with SLAM and ROS. Thank you.

From: Noah

Hey Li!

It is a beautiful chasis, where can I get one ??