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my useful old tool


Hey to everyone. I am new to this and I love this site. I have always love robots for over30 years. You could say I am old school.well, here is one of my old creation and my pride and joy which I love to share with the world. His name is stump..i use what was available and inexpensive over time.   stump is a radio control unit that moves about 3-4 mph, and carries various components such as,amplified speaker with mp3 input line. motion sensor. solar power plates to help with charging its batteries. unboard camera with an ac-dc inverter for small hooks.stump also talk in a 68 vocabulary sentence that responds to certain phrases that give it a life like intelligence...kids love it...well,80% of stump was made by my hands and it was a pleasure to do..




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Really good looking robot with those eyes. also cool yellow/black paintjob. I really do like these kind of robots made of all kinds of scrap lying around, giving it some personality. What kind of processor did you use? arduino, pic?

Thanks for the compliment.the only thing is powering this 1ft 9in robot is a scopion xl speed contoller  radio control. Perhaps later in the future I will give it a real brain..for now , it is my little slave with power..he he

The eyes are what do it for me... it looks bio-mechanical.. something you'd come across in a video game after an alien life form melded with a safety robot. Add teeth and you have created nightmare material ;)

I wanted something different ..thanks I will be showing more pics soon..stump is just one of four  old  school  and right now I am trying to make my first walker....very difficult...

Love it, it actually looks like a robot.  I grew up watching those sci-fi movies in the 60s and 70s and so for me a robot looks like Robbie the Rob or B9 from Lost in Space.

A lot of the hobby robots here look vey sleek, but I like the "old school" look of this one very much.


            Thanks for sharing!

Great looking bot do you have any updates on it. Would love to see it in action.

Oh wow I love this. looks awesome and the fact it talks back, my kids would love that lol.

I see your using pneumatic wheels (Same as me) did they really sink when you got them ??? how did you get rid of that smell.