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Neato Robot with Raspberry Pi Hack

Hello LMR once again!

This is me Noah with another robot project. So I was at the dump one day and all of a sudden I saw a robot in the trash. It was a Neato robot vacuum and I gave a little high pitch scream when I saw it in the trash and I had to go grab it. I had heard my dad tried hacking one of these vacuums in the past because they are Robot Operating System (Ros) compatible and never completed it. 

So I 3D printed a raspberry pi 3 case in hopes that I can mount a raspberry pi to it. Now I am programming my dads raspberry pi so I can send the code off to my raspberry pi when it arrives in the mail. It is stuck on there with double sided sticky tape. Here is the source for case.


Update 6/16/2018

Right now it can respond to me when I attempt communicating with it with the raspberry pi. I got it to do all kinds of stuff like move 100 mm when I say so at whatever speed I want it to do that at. Not only that I got the lidar printing its results in code form. The raspberry pi is being powered by a portable usb charger.

This is what it looked like before without the pi, charger, and webcam.


Now with all that stuff on it the robot looks like this.