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Nerf-firing Rover

Navigate via RC control, fires Nerf gun, supports autonomous control via Raspberry Pi
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This rover makes use of the following:

CPPM RC radio input from openTx RC radio

Arduino Nano to handle communcations from RC, Raspberry Pi via USB (not attached  yet), I/O to servos via i2c, I/O to/from Roboclaw motor controller via serial (gets velocity from encoders on motors), and output to various DC-driven devices (headlight, gripper).

5.8ghz video transmitter for FPV roving

Keystudio i2c 16-PWM controller: http://www.keyestudio.cc/h-pd-116.html

2 x Pololu gear motors with encoders: https://www.pololu.com/product/3241

2 x Pololu gear motors without encoders

L298N motor controller

Generic headlight modified for remote on/off

Makeblock gripper: http://makeblock.com/robot-gripper/

Nerf Stryfe gun, modified to remove all safeties, and fire via servo pulling trigger

Aluminum frame built from Lowes aluminum pieces

Frsky d4r-ii receiver with telmetry to send voltage values back to radio

Roboclaw 15amp motor controller: http://www.ionmc.com/RoboClaw-2x15A-Motor-Controller_p_10.html

The Arduino reads the CPPM signal from the RC receiver and decodes it into eight separate channel values. It uses serial to send motor values to the Roboclaw. It uses i2c to send arm movements to the arm servos, and to fire the Nerf gun. It uses four digital pins to control the L298N DC motor controller, which turns on the headlight and operates the Makeblock gripper.

The Arduino gets the wheel velocity from the Roboclaw via serial.

The Arduino sends all RC channel values and the motor velocity via USB serial to a raspberry pi. All motors/servos can be controlled from the Raspberry Pi, but not much has been done there yet. It will eventually support automomous driving and object detection via OpenCV on the Raspberry Pi, and perhaps find shoot recognized objects that need to be shot. The communications has been setup and tested, but I don't have a spare Pi to connect. There will be quite a bit of coding for the Pi's OpenCV object recognition.

Arduino sourcecode is attached to this post as roboclaw_multi.txt

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Your project is great.  What chassis are you using?  Looks like Wild Thumper tires.  I hope to follow your project to learn more about your R/C and telemetry ideas.  Thank you.


EDIT: I see that you fabricated your own chassis from aluminum.  Do you have any layout plans for your chassis?

Done well. Really like the nerf think about applying something similiar :)