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New CNC Router Project

Cut Wood, Aluminum, Plastics via computer control into 2D / 3D shapes & Robot parts

This is my latest project. I'm building a new CNC router to be bigger in cutting envelope (1500mm x 3000mm / approx 5 by 10 ft) and stronger using a mixture of 20-series extrusions from OpenBuilds (frame) and some 40-series extrusions from 80/20 (gantry). You can see a lot more of this machine along with photos and commentary in the project log located here: https://goo.gl/photos/Co81AvGwVijE2zow9. The project log goes into a lot more depth regarding the various aspects of the build, issues encountered in building it and whatever else is going through my mind at the time. Current Update: The mechanical parts are all there now, am working on wiring up the motors and limit sensors.

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Took a look at the photos on Google and that's a pretty well equipped tool shop. Do you also use these for professional projects or all personal?

Thanks for the compliment. Currently it's just for personal projects for myself and my kids. I have been considering helping the kids start a home-based business at some point, but that's still a couple of years away. 

Very interested to see it functional and what you use it to produce.

My first projects planned are pretty mundane-- I want to build some better storage facilities for tools and supplies in both the workshop and in the project room. Then I will work on the rocker-bogie components for my "Robot Ardi" project. After that... who knows? ;-)