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Close-up camera

Dear all,

Designing a robot, a closeup cam is needed with a correct focus. The closest object is at 10 centimeters from the cam 

What is cheapest cam with this feature ? Depth of View  >10 - 20 cm. Ideally a wide angle cam >100°.



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Are you looking for a "robotic" camera or general use camera? Aside from GoPro, most of these are general use robotic cameras & lenses: https://www.robotshop.com/en/cameras-vision-sensors.html

I have done a lot of work with camera's and robots in the past and current.

Here are the two types of webcams I have used in the past.

They both have a 78 degree field of view and do a good job.



I have used the above cameras for Object Detection,Object Recognition,Color Detection,Facial Recognition and Motion Detection.

Hope this helps you.