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Shooting Target Robot - Laser Tag?

I'm building an escape room/interactive room for a business and I was thinking of using some robots to help sell the interactive parts of it.

In essence, I was thinking of having a robot on wheels, with a life-size cutout of a human on top that stays hidden - once someone triggers a motion sensor nearby, I wanted this rolling cut-out to roll out into view, and once a player shoots it with a laser-tag style rifle, it would trigger the robot to drop the cut-out on the floor backwards, as a reactive target when it gets show.

Is this possible? Feasible? - Sounds expensive to me but might be cheaper than paying an hourly wage to have a human stand-in for this lol


Thanks for all the help/insights to a noob!

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Anthing's possible. However, you might find that mobile robotics is a bit limited - especially in terms of battery life. Should someone get startled and kick it, there's a pretty high chance they'll cause quite a lot of damaage. Instead, you might want to create a bit more of a halloween prop type which can be connected to a normal outlet. Can you provide a drawing or sketch of what you envision? Do you have a budget?