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Fast 8" linear motion

I am searching for a solution to this problem.

  • Move a .5" to .75" metal shaft that is 6" to 8" long quickly (1 sec in/out)
  • Needs to be rugged
  • Enough force to punch through leather
  • 12 to 24v DC  ...or... propane powered.
  • Cycle times would be low. 10 per hour or so 


I've spent hours scouring the internet for a solenoid that can do this but have had no luck.

I've looked a various diy mechanical solutions too but nothing has really jumped out as a good enough solution.


Any thoughts or recommendations?






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A pneumatic cylinder and corresponding two-way valve etc. would work well. Most DC linear actuators use lead screws which significantly reduce the travel speed.. have not seen many above 2" per second.