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Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car - Arduino

The robot moves avoiding obstacles and choosing the best way to follow by ultrasound.
IRremote.zip33.18 KB
Code_for_Obstacle_Avoidance_Arduino_Robot.txt7.38 KB

The programming code is attached here as a .txt file. Download it and paste the text on the Arduino compiler.
Remember to add the IRremote library (also attached to this post) to your arduino software before trying to compile the code! 

Further information about motor controller and IR receiver here:

I bought the robot from:

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Thank you for sharing . I have got code . But i don't have neither schematic capture nor writing diagram of project . please send it for me .

 My gmail is : timlaibautroi090792@gmail.com

Thank you so much !

I see another arduino shield above .Can anyone tell me that is, if we have the H bridge below?.Would serve any remote or has to be one specific?. Thanks.

Hi! I have problem with servo motor, when  I plug in the power wire the servo is turn left  and its staing there and that it, what i have do to do fix it? I have same wireing as it's on the pictures.PLS help



I would like to know the pins to connect the motor shield for Arduino! I can not see the images ... It is not clear in the images !!


It would be good to do an engine shield wiring map with Arduino !!




        ENA -> Orange -> Arduino (?)

        IN1 -> Yellow -> Arduino (6)

        IN2 -> Green -> Arduino (7)


        IN3 -> Blue -> Arduino (8)

        IN4 -> Purple -> Arduino (9)

        ENB -> gray -> Arduino (?)

        Gnd -> Black -> Arduino (gnd)

       + 5V -> White -> Arduino (+ 5V)


You made a direct connection between the + 5V and the engine power of VMS? The GND of the power of the engines, direct you called the Arduino?


Please, I really wanted this information ... I'm starting now in the world of Arduino! Dificuladade still have much, but what I'm not lacking in determination ...



Hello I want to use Bluetooth instead of ir module

What will be code