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Omni Bot

The return of the Omni Bot


Back when I first started building Robbie in 2011 he had a holonomic base with powered castors. In July 2013 I changed Robbie to a differential drive base and incorporated the inmoov torso. After operating Robbie for a while I found the differential drive to be lacking. In the tight environment of a home full of furnisher, he would never be able to function as desired. I decided to relook at the old Omni drive base back in 2011 I made choices that were limited to my experience and tooling. After reviewing my files I found the main cause of the problems encoders were not reliable, this proved to be an ongoing issue with Robbie until they were replaced. The other was inexperience in just about everything to with robotics I feel now is the time to try again. Some parts will be reused others will be redesigned. The big changes are Raspberry Pi 3 in place of the I3, adruino due in place of the mega, better encoders and motor drivers. But the biggest change will be running ROS2. ROS2 is running on the RPI and communicates with the server. Now let the fun begin.