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Organize those resistors! And caps, and diodes...

Organizes those resistors! And caps, and diodes...

Keep your resistors in business card holders! Make a big book O resistors!


I also organized my electrolytic caps


: Seems I never had the proper components for a given project so I ordered some resistor and cap assortments from ebay. The resistor assortment came in little bags with labels which made things simpler! Both were pretty inexpensive but the shipping from China took a bit.

Radio Shack packets slip nicely into the business card sleeve:

Diodes Too...




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love it thanks 

I have my own system, but I must say this is a pretty clever idea!

What system do you use gnome?  Organization is not my strong suit. The little drawers just weren't working for me...

Not as inexpensive as yours, but I bought Plano fishing tackle boxes, which have removeable organizers. I use them to organize most of my parts.

Excellent. What a novel idea :)

I find that even with a system, you will still always be missing the one componant that you need for a given project. lol ;)

I too use Plano, but I just use a large stack of these..

And still there is always something I need that I don't have, but at least it doesn't take me a 4 hours of digging to realize I am out of 220ohm resistors!! :P

I found a big variety pack of resistors, which make up most of my stock. Now I just replace stuff as I run out of it.

I've  tried the drawers before and don't really like them much.  The parts get mixed up (if you use more than one kind per drawer) and they take up a lot of space for small quanitities of parts.  This is EXACTLY the sort of Idea I've been looking for.  Thanks so much for sharing it!  I'll be stopping by the stationery store in the next day or so!  :)