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So I found a motor from a toy. Works fine. The same speed as the other. But I still have the problem with the whole robot turning. I'll post a video soon.

Also, I renamed him. I'm a fan of Digimon and I want to name all my tobots after some of the monster from the series. :-D


This is the most complete robot that I could make due to having a very hard time finding any components for construction. Living in a second world country (Serbia in my case) has unbelievable limits in going through just a simple robotics project as this. I could only find a ultrasonic sensor and that's it. If one of the DC motors breaks I can kiss this project goodbye. Even though I have been building it all for just a few days I've actually spent months tracking down most of the parts. The whole project so far cost me more than half of my monthly salary, but I still think it was money well spent. 

By chance the robot looks like the James robot by chickenparmi, but I guess it's because it's a very simple robot of a basic design. I didn't even know about James robot until I've already built Talos1 and found this site looking for some tips on how to program it better. But afterwards I made the same frame for the "head", since James' one was kinda neat. :-D


1. Arduino Uno Rev3

2. Adafruit Motor Shield

3. Chassis by MCStudio China, includes 2 DC motors, a switch and a case for 4x1.5V batteries

4. Case for 6x1.2V batteries (the 4xAA from the kit didn't provide enough power)

5. HC-SR04 UltraSonic sensor

6. Mini-Servo motor

7. Additional platform made from wood and a frame for the sensor


You'll notice it has two platforms. That's because the original one that came in the chassis kit didn't have the holes that matched those on the Arduino. So I made my own, plus I made a space to put the servo in. 


Talos1 Schematic

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Congrats on finishing the construction.

From the photo it looks like modern steam punk. :D

He changed to cover photo. Now my steam punk comment makes no sense. :P

That is not to say that the new photo doesn't look very sharp.

:-D Oh I'm sorry. That mount for the sensor was a bit unstable, even though I must admit it did look much cooler and steampunky.

Very nice robot. Your persistence is admirable. You seem to have a real passion for the hobby, I wish you luck in the journey.

Cool! Now that you have the parts you can take him apart and make others!


"No disassemble! Nooooooo!"

Simple and clean ;-)

Yikes, that means that my weekend job earns me double of what you earn (and I only live 1500 km north-east). But isn't ebay an option for you?

nice robot though

nope. there is no option of making any kind of paymants abroad from where I live. we have PayPal but it can only be used to make transaction within the borders. my country's laws are very restricted concerning imports. and anything that is imported is taxed like 30%.

all the components I have I bought on-line, mostly from a website that is much like your eBay. there are also several distributers of electronics here, even though their offer is limited compared to what I saw on websites from western Europe or America. their prices aren't higher, but consider that one Arduino Uno costs like 1/8 of my salary and that would pretty much discourage most people who would otherwise dabble with electronics.

Hi tomispev! Nice bot, man. And welcome to LMR! Oh, 30% for taxes is fine.... :) Where I'm living the import taxes are about 80%!!! Actually it's not for everything, but, for example, almost all of the purchases which exceeds $50 are taxed. I've ordered a RasPi this week in a local web shop and it costs me $100 plus $9 shipping costs.

Ok. I don't want to ruin your post with stupid lamentations...

One more time, cool bot!

That's ok. Wow, 80%, that's a lot. But then how much is an average salary in your country? If a RasPi cost that much here no one would buy coz here an average monthly salary is about $220. So technically everything is very cheap where I live, compared to rest of Europe, but for us it's still expensive. 

Ok, I'm done complaining about the silly economic situation I'm in. Let's focus on robots. :-D