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Dr. Beery responsibilities include new product R&D; including engaging new EDI trading partners, research, development, implementation, and integration of new products into the TransUnion Healthcare family of products and services.  Graduating with a Ph.D. in elementary particle physics from Notre Dame in 1990, he has co-founded a number of start ups, taught computer science as a visiting professor, and filed a number of patents dealing with artificial intelligence, online software security, data mining, and high resolution 3D image printing. His current interests include bio-inspired robotics and space related technologies. He is the founder of www.spacespeak.com which tracks interesting space related topics and allows people to transmit messages into space for free and return later to see how far they have travelled.

Specialties: C#, SQL, Physics, EDI, Inventor, 3D Imaging, AI, Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, Insurance, Healthcare, 3D printing, Robotics