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Perfected Titan, a minisumo

Push other robots ouf of the ring

This is Perfected Titan, my minisumo for this years Robot-SM. It's main controller is an Atmega328 running at 16MHz. The two motors are controlled via an L298N H-bridge. The wheel are Fingertechs Cobra wheels, made out of hardness A20 polyutherane. All the code can be found at my gitweb

Here's the schematic
Click for a larger version
And the pcb layout
Click for a larger version

Here's a gif image of the assembly process

This is a very early mockup I did with cardboard for a chassie
More videos to come :)

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That lil guy/gal(?) has all manner of energy. :)

Great batch of info you have put up here.

Toilerpaperbane :D Very nice :)

Also reminds me that I have yet to make a sumo bot :)

But the vertical video... a big no no :P

Nice idea with the animated gif to show different stages in construction, perhaps I'll adopt it  later on :)

Yeah, sorry about the vertical video, held my phone the wrong way when I filmed it, didn't notic it until afterwards.