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Avoids Obstacles and Light..

Phil Is Made of very light weight aluminum, milled to a 8x9 body and a max height of 6 inches. I prefer to use servos as his means of movement for the main reason of project versatility. I gave him a 7.2 Volt 3000 mah Battery. Soon Phil will not only have the capability to go hide in the dark, he will also be able to search out the brightest area to recharge his battery.  He does not just stop at an object or wander around aimlessly, he plots his next move so he can hide in the best spot. Phil loves to win! 

At the top is a breakout board that contains the regulator, switch and speaker.

If you look close you can see the 2 LDR's, Sonic Ping & Servo, LED's and Switch. 


Customized kits are available. For as much work or for as little work as you want.

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I like how you have accounted for when it encounters corners and has succesive collsions. Very clever.

I like your design as well, very clean, neat and tidy with the wires tucked away under the cover. Is that acrylic or galvanised steel sheeting?



It took sometime to figure out.  But it seems to work the best on this size Bot.  I used 3/16th of aluminum Sheet.  I bought a 36x36 and milled it down to the body you see.  Now I know it could prob be much cleaner, but I am still learner phase of that trade.  My field is electronics.