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Not sure if this is a private message. Wanted to talk to you about your robot.

helo greetings from holland 

i may need some help from you if you have time (I never have it)

im building this desk robot and want to use SOME of your code i am already looking to modify it to put a extra axis in and adding some code so it reacts to sirial command and maybe a proper folow funtion

but i am completly new to programing (not like a compleet NOOB little noob)

like to have your opinion about it 

if you see my profil picture you understand this is a 4 day disign and build

hope you have some time


Hallo Pinaut,

ich habe bei youtube gesehen das du einen 7Bot hast.

Ich möchte mir ebenfalls einen kaufen und hätte einige Fragen.

Vielleicht kann man irgendwie privat mal schreiben.

Vielen Dank im Voraus!