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Raspberry Pi Litter Robot that tweets

The first Internet connected Litter Box that is controlled by a small Raspberry Pi computer that self cleans & tweets my cat's daily litter box usage. I removed the manufactures circuit board and installed a Raspberry PI computer. The process automates the cleaning of my cats litter box. Takes a photo and uploads it to twitter. https://twitter.com/litterboxtweets

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Can you give us more details about you came with the idea and then executed it?


My cat would continuously distrupt the operation of the Litter Robot when it was in the proccess of cleaning. If my cat did this more that 5 times the logic in the manufactures logic circuit would shut the unit down for good. The owner had to powercycle it to complete the cleaning process. This happend so often, that it got on my nerves. So, I decided to do something about it. I removed the manufactures circuit board and designed my own, using a Raspberry Pi computer for the controller. This way I could write my own software logic controls and make the Litter Robot do what I wanted it to do. A friend of mine suggested that it should tweet everytime my cat used it. "Litter Box Tweets" was born.



Can you please post the full details? Circuit details, pin outs, code... a picture and video are great, but without details nobody can replicate/improve/etc?

Really creative, and happy the cat doesn't mind being monitored and recorded ;)