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Raspberry Pi Project

Hey guys,

I'm starting out a project in which I want to build a Raspberry Pi Self Driving Robot. The basic tasks the robot will perform are:

  • Lane tracking using RPi Camera and OpenCV3 + Python
  • Obstacle detection with Ultrasonic sensor + input from RPi Camera(if possible)

The materials I currently plan to use in this project are:

  • RPi 3 board
  • RPi Camera
  • Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V communicating through serial with RPi. This is for controlling motors and extra sensors.
  • 4 motors and motor drivers.

The doubt I wanted to verify about this is whether the Raspberry Pi will be able to handle real time lane tracking on the robot? Some projects I have come across while researching transfer video feed via WiFi to a computer that does the image processing. I want to achieve something along the lines of this project. It seems to me that the project is run entirely on the RPi, so it gives me some hope.

I also wanted to know whether detecting an obstacle or stop sign on the road would be possible along with the real time lane tracking of the robot.

Any help on this will be appreciated. Thank you !! :D

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If a small Arduino can do it, the Raspberry Pi most certainly can.

If you have the Arduino to handle the driving of motors/sensors then the Pi3 will be fine running the rest.

Obstacle detection cult be done with the Arduino and some ping sensors; the value returned from the sensors (plus any other sensors) can all be sent via serial to the Pi for processing, you could hard code obstacle avoidance on the Arduino itself