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RC Related Tips

Reading Receivers, Driving Servos and ESCs

I have put together some detailed information on reading from RC Receivers, interfacing with servos and interrupts.

Its Arduino based but the principles would apply across most controllers.

While my RC Cars may not be robots, the code that runs inside them needs to keep working smoothly 200 meters away at 40Km/h.

How to read an RC Receiver using interrupts

A detailed look at the pinchangeint library to access upto 20 interrupts on an Arduino UNO

A look at servo problems and solutions

A demonstration of a common servo problem

An example of reading and generating 3 RC Channels with an Arduino UNO

Hope you find some of these interesting and useful


Duane B


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The primer on the interrupts is very interesting. Since you are aware that you face a shared memory problem you explain very well on what to take extra care when using shared variables. Good work, Duane. Thank you for sharing this. Collected!


   At the same time as finishing my Arduino RC/Kart/Race car laptimer I have now started to work on two robots. I have started to build the first which will be RC using the code here http://rcarduino.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-to-read-multiple-rc-channels-draft.html 

The second will be autonomous, I have a half baked idea of one hunting the other which should make for a more interesting first project than a line follower ;-)

Duane B