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RC Transmitter to Arduino To Robot With Calibration

How to calibrate Arduino Project with RC Equipment, Control a tracked robot with proportional Car RC

   I have just posted a new topic to the RC Arduino blog, this one deals with something rarely covered - calibrating your Arduino project to RC Signals. Its also finishes with the full code used in a simple RC Robot previously posted on the blog.

In addition to reading the RC Channels and providing a 'one touch' calibration the code allows a two channel RC Transmitter with throttle and steering channels to control a tracked robot with only two motors and no steering channel.

Original post with short demonstration video -


Latest post with explanation of calibration and control code, plus the full code !


The control is very intuitive - full forwards and reverse proportional control, proportional steering in both forwards and reverse and rotation on the spot at idle.


Duane B


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I have been using the rcarduino robot code in a 40km/h rc car for the past three weeks. The car is a RWD race car which suffers very badly from oversteer. The rcarduino robot code has been extended to implement yaw control based on readings from a gyroscope mounted in the car. Its pretty exciting to see your code intervene in the control of the car at 10 meters per second.

I am really looking forward to publishing this project in the next couple of weeks.

How is this anything to do with robots ? well its a machine acting towards a human defined goal which senses its environment (power delivery, developing skid) and adjusts its action accordingly.

Duane B