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So I am starting a WALL-E project with my kids.  I like robots, they like WALL-E, its a fit :-) I am using square steel tubing, wheel chair motors, 2 Deep Cycle … Read more

New Milling Machine I Got for Exchange for my Other One.


I just traded my CNC circuit making machine for a $1000 milling machine. I am pretty sure this machine can work with steel and aluminum no problem lol. I am so excited!!!

Self Balancing Robot Using Mpu6050 Accelerometer


hello guys..this is our project..

this is self balancing robot on two wheels using mpu6050 accelerometer..

hello guys...this is our  project.. this project is how to build edge avoiding robot using arduino and ir sensor.. Read more
  hello guys... this is our project... Smartphone Controlled Arduino Robot Car via Bluetooth With G-sensor app..that the robot will move depending on the slope … Read more
  As a quick disclaimer, I am completely self taught in all areas we'll be discussing below (I'm a Tattoo Artist/illustrator). I'm joining this community in hopes … Read more

IMO Video Controlled arduino Robot


hello guys..

this our poject IMO video controlled robot based on arduino using bluetooth hc-05..

for this robot we have used two smartphone ...

also this robot is controlled by a smartphone app..AND

edge avoiding arduino robot

hello guys...this is our 3rd project..

this project is how to build edge avoiding robot using arduino and ir sensor..

Hi guys, few days ago we started to plan and make a new robot with my daughter. She is 5 years old and loves to build things. The picture uploaded represents the … Read more
Dear: LMR I am hoping to build a self navigating robot. Right now it only obstacle avoids. It uses arduino mega, 12 volt motor driver, Ping sensor, and a 2s lipo … Read more
Obstacle Avoidance Via Ultrasonic sensor and Remote Controll Via Web App and Wireless Keyboard Control.
Using a
This is a 6 Wheeled Drive Robot Rover it is 18" Long 9" wide 15" wide if you count the wheels And 8" High it is powered by a Raspberry Pi with 3 L298N Motor Drivers … Read more

Stanford's Vinebot can grow without moving its whole body

Stanford researchers have developed a new type of soft, growing robot.

This newly developed vine-like robot can grow across long distances without moving its whole body.

 Hi All, I have recently started work on a new project  to build a full size humanoid robot. I started a new youtube channel just for this project.      … Read more
Peabot is a quadruped robot with custom 3d printed parts. His software is an open-source quadruped framework which is named for the robot, Peabot. His features, and … Read more
  I wanted to make a 4 legged robot inspired by the way dogs walk. However i initially had no idea about robots or programming. Then one of my friends,Adrian … Read more
Personal robot Adam for research and education
Using a
In last video, robot Adam controlled by VR HTC VIVE. Since, the kinematic scheme of the robot is different from the human, the principle of reverse kinematics was … Read more

Memory Systems

I am curious as to what approaches different people would advocate for giving their robots the capacity to remember.

In order to hopefully stimulate some discussion, I'll mention a few approaches:

1.  Who needs memories?  Make stupid robots that just react but never get smarter.

2.  Use Files To Store Memories in Some Way...like pictures of faces, or data logs for sensors.

Navigate around via ultrasound, teleop with game controller
Demo robot for teleoperating with HID and also to show how to do simple obstacle avoidance with ultra sound sensor. Read more
I will use these components: Arm: https://www.conrad.nl/nl/velleman-ksr10-robotarm-bouwpakket-uitvoering-bouwpakketmodule-bouwpakket-079655.html Tracked … Read more
I'm currently working on a walking biped, which will (in my most delirious dreams) be able to walk with a dynamic gait (ie no bent knees). See Dr. Guero robot on … Read more
  Well this is not my first robot but as a software developer i felt maybe i can do something interesting right now. Right now the robot can be controlled via a … Read more
I controlled my balance robot using a a two fuzzy logic controller 1-one for (IMU feedback) using as input the angle and change in angle , the output is a PWM1 . … Read more
Six legged walker wanders and avoids walls and objects
To learn ROS I have equip an mBot Ranger with a Raspberry Pi 3 that is connected to the controller board of the robot. The ROS master is running on the Raspberry Pi … Read more
This project have the objective of designing an open DIY educational low-cost (components about 35€/USD) modular and extendable mobile robot based on Android and … Read more
Robotic ball has been an ongoing project for a long period of time now. The simplicity yet excellent functionality marks it apart from the common robots seen these … Read more
Navigate, head movement, controlled via android, camera to display image
inem's development start around January 2017. Videos : 1. Robot control using Android https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuzahrUfqwg 2. Android Interface … Read more
Dear: LMR Hey I am just letting you know I am building another robot. It is all terrain and powered by a eight volt power source which are four AA batteries that … Read more