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Robotic ball has been an ongoing project for a long period of time now. The simplicity yet excellent functionality marks it apart from the common robots seen these … Read more
Navigate, head movement, controlled via android, camera to display image
inem's development start around January 2017. Videos : 1. Robot control using Android https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuzahrUfqwg 2. Android Interface … Read more
Dear: LMR Hey I am just letting you know I am building another robot. It is all terrain and powered by a eight volt power source which are four AA batteries that … Read more
Navigate a Maze, extinguish a flame, track position
Using a
I'm currently a sophomore at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Robotics Engineering. The third course in the series, RBE 2002, focusing on sensors. In a … Read more
cmu pixy camera, review, Pixy CMUcam5 Image Sensor
My original intent was to use this hardware as an opportunity for the kids at my sons robotics club to learn how to evaluate something and to hone their critical … Read more
The ShopArm is a project that was started several months ago and is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The design and code is entirely open-source. Every plastic … Read more
This robot is designed by Regis Hsu. I only 3D printed and built it. It was a fun build! Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1009659 Read more
Continuamos Poco a poco con el Proyecto del ROVER ... Espero Poder Tener mas Tiempo para ir mas rapido y terminarlo !!! Continuamos lentamente con el proyecto ROVER … Read more
Hello, I am a masters engineering student and my final year dissertation group project is the design, building and programming of a prototype robotics system for … Read more
Simple moving and working around all barriers getting notifications from IR sensors.
Using a
This is my first very simple robot that reads information from two IR sensors and makes decision about moving to work around barriers. The main aim was to make him … Read more
A vintage robot arm, asking for meaning of his life. Please check the documentation http://walter.readthedocs.io   Read more

Arm no.5

This is the 5th arm i have made with 4 DOF

its the smallest one yet

it has a reach of 1000 mm

and a grab area of 15mm

its a standard arduino with a servo expansion board

programmed to take 3 coins from the user and deposit them

in the container on the back of the robot

it then lifts an object from A-B and then back again in a loop




Meet Roamer. Roamer is a Quadraped Dog that uses a Windows 8.1 tablet for a brain and has a Logitec HD WebCam for a head. Roamer head is attached to a Pan/Tilt … Read more
Act like a real (with a pinch of Jurassic Park/World) raptor
Using a
Update 10/23/17 - 8:05 AM Hey everyone! It’s good to be back. So I’m looking over my disassembled Roboraptor, and am going to give “her” another go when the … Read more

3d printed lego on my freshly calibrated prusa I3


Dear: LMR

Hey guys just 3d printed something on my 3d printer. What do you guys think?

From: Noah

Will this still work with a more powerful dc motor?

So I have this project(RC Multipurpose planter with solar panel) for my final year in mechanical engineering, and i have  been researching on electronic schematic diagrams.

For some time now I have building robots and designing software. This is my very first robot that uses my traditional style of Windows Software but also … Read more
The 2020 Bot is a $20 robot you can build in 20 minutes, just using scissors and tape, with parts purchased online and at your local craft store. Here's the parts … Read more
drives around with wasd or gamepad control
Scrapsberry Sucker is my second robot project. It's been a long while in the making, and the aim is to create a self-navigating mini-hoover robot. However, during … Read more
this is self learning robot using reinforcement learning (Q-learning, Watkins 1989); it learns to choose actions from state rewards - no other support controller … Read more
line follower debug application written in C++ using opengl as GUI, written within 5 days ^_^ ; robot transmitts data via uart, in text format; on PC side is … Read more
I'm developing the Falling-Up Robot, a 6-foot tall balancing inverted pendulum bot, using the Teensy 3.6 microcontroller with the Arduino IDE 1.6.12. I want to … Read more
Goes to the brightest light source
Using a
Ok, that is something what sits on my desk for a while and never got finished. Inspired by Yahmez and his The MicRObot Challenge and also one of my Chinese … Read more
Walks around, lifts lid, blinks; currently random behavior.
Using a
Tiny Tin is a cute little bot in an Altoid tin. I built him just before World Maker Faire New York in 2014, but never documented him or posted much about it. Tiny … Read more
Update 21th November 2017: I published an instruction with Arduino code and 3D files for printing on the Arduino Project Hub. Have a look … Read more
It Juggles a Ping Pong Ball with a Racket
Using a
This entry is about the quest to get a machine to juggle a ping pong ball.  I started thinking about a ping pong ball juggler 2 years ago. And it was around that … Read more
Been working on a building a quad walker probably for a year now. What started of a coding project has now ended up with me learning how to 3d model and building a … Read more