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simulate the Automation of modern manufacturing technologies ,Robotic Arms manufacturing
I have always Read more
  Before we start What is the sumo robot? It is a self-control robots with specific dimensions and features, it is also designed in a Hostile shape which qualify … Read more
April 11th 2018 Update : The Items Used have changed. I Will Update Soon... project : 17 DOF humanoid Robot     Components Used : Read more
This is a work in progress. My daughter (robotics major at Olin College outside of Boston, MA) and I have been working on this for about a year now. Here's a list … Read more
Use simple hand vacuum. Also WiFi connection (esp8266-12). Lua codes web server to connection. Limit switches for motion forward and rear. Bot remembers sequence of … Read more
This project is about implementing a short and relatively easy Arduino sketch to provide XYZ inverse kinematic positioning. I had built a 6 servo robotic arm but … Read more

Recommendation Engine

I have been laid up this winter and have been working from home the past several months.  Idle hands ARE the devil's work so I decided to take on a machine learning challenge at CodeProject.com and build a recommendation engine like Amazon, Facebook etc.  These are interesting pieces of software that in commercial sites can work in conjunction with search engines to lead customers to content, products or items they might never would have looked at otherwise.  In fact, this is something that might be useful on LMR - maybe have a recommendations window for when a user logs in?&

3/23/18- Big update. First of all, I had 3D printed a custom chassis that ended up being too small for hardmouse's leg design. This meant that to preserve my print … Read more
Description This is my robot so far. It is a Runt Rover I bought yesterday at a place in Mass. known as "You Do It Electronics" and I have assembled and soldered … Read more
Update: added RemoteXY software and HC-05 Bluetooth module to update PID parameters with my phone. Software is easy to use but I need to buy the full version (only … Read more
3D Print Vases in Under an Hour with your 3D Printer
Description So today in this tutorial I am going to explain how to 3D print a vase using Vase Mode also known as Spiralize in Cura with a Gcode based 3D printer. … Read more
This time I decided to build remote controlled 6WD robot that can operate in rough terrain. Thanks to the image from the camera you can control the robot even if it … Read more
Uses a LED Matrix display to show messages in a mBot
Using a
Sometimes it´s good to have a display to show some things in a robot. However displays can be very complicated to handle and energy consuming, unless you use the … Read more
Hi I'm currently building a robotic arm as a graduation project, which I named A.R.M. (Articulated Robotic Manipulator). I would like to add that I'm following some … Read more
VICTOR -- The VIC-20 Technology Orphan Robot  Feb 3, 2018 As I mentioned in my bio https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/54012 I have wanted to build a … Read more
For sometime I have wanted to do a Wall-E robot and have seen on many other sites where people have done them. I found one recently that was missing the remote but … Read more

AI and the theory of Connectivity

Big news, everyone!

According to the following article, intelligence could originate from a very simple algorithm:


I'll have to look into the theory of Connectivity some more. I'll bet our AIs could definitely benefit from this if it's true.

Looking for ideas on a I2C Pan/tilt stand-alone sonar

This quest to build a stand-alone I2C pan/tilt range finder controller started with an article here by Ladvien.  In    https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/39130, Ladvien explores using an ATtiny85 (84) as an I2C motor controller...

And in https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/39222,   Chris the Carpenter   gives us an awesome pan and tilt code example... so...

Do computers/robots actually "think"?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to have a discussion (for fun) about whether or not "true" AI (not necessarily general) exists in any form. Hopefully it'll get our brain juices flowing and we'll get cool ideas! To start, let me say that I am aware my idea is quite radical- ridiculous-sounding, even. But it's something I've been wondering about, regardless. What if AI (albeit not quite general) already exists? I have thought to myself, "Computers and robots already 'think,' but in a way unrecognizable by humans.
11/16/17 9:57 PM Hi everyone. So I looked at Hopper’s legs again, and realized that both legs were on the same poles- both legs could only move to the same place … Read more
It all started one day when I was working on my old CNC engraver last summer at my makerspace. Someone went up to me and said "You should work on this CNC. You have … Read more

Progress in the project...

Progress in the project:

I have already mounted the two servos in a head propotype together with the camera and a couple of touch sensors:

Also mounted the prototype on a scale of the body with some sensors:

I'm working on an educational robot: Anedubot. Anedubot is designed to achieve different behaviors: G-to-goal.Avoid obstacles.Line Follower. Object detection.Pick … Read more
Description This is my 3rd version of the Schreibotics Fabricator. My first was a kit bought from Geeetech. The second was a failed attempt at making a 3D printer. … Read more
After a long time without robot projects I decided to make a new one that I can use to play with. I always wanted to continue the development and add new features … Read more