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Red-Dragon V3

Walk forword,back.left,right,balance one leg, up-down 1 or 2 leg,Turn right-left,Control With Bluetooth

My new Biped Robot "Red-Dragon V3"


what's new

-Remove the camera

-Replace the Arduino with a SSC32

-Create design throughout the robots

-Inserting the batteries over to robots for servo and controller. 6V NiMH 2500mAh + 9V 200mAh

-Add Relay circuit to power saver

-Add bluetooth to communicate with the computer

-2 Mini Servo to move the PowerLEDs for Light


The materials used by

10 Servo MG995

2 Mini Servo 7.5gr

SSC32 Controler

Battery 6V 2500mhA

Battery 9V 200mhA

Relay 5V 8A

4 Power LED

Plastic Box

And Alumioum

Control program robots and creators Animation

11/7/2013 New Version "Biped Suite 1.1.0"

Biped Suite 1.1.0

-Fix Serial connection
-Fix Play threading
-Add Donation
-Add WebExporer navigate to Greek Robotic Portal www.grobot.gr

Programs for the control of the robot can be downloaded for free from here


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Hi, giannhsitia! Long time no see you... Nice to see you back here. I've abandoned a little my biped projects, but your project seems to have awakened my desire to return to the bipeds. What I can say... Nice project! And nice new walking gait.

Thank you very much !I hope that I will see your project really soon !

Nice!  How much payload can something like that carry on top.  Wondering if I can find some legs that could carry about 8 lbs and still walk/balance.  Is this entirely unrealistic?

You must build legs alone with the analogue servos for the lbs you want to

Really nice looking biped, like the predator style with the wires. And something I really like its your software maybe I'll borrow some of your ideas for my robot arm controller, since I'm currently doing it in separate windows and got problems passing connection object between them, think I'll use a tabbed pane just like you. =)

i am glad hearing such nice words from you.Thank you so much. You can download it for free

Nicely done john!!!

 ( Πως το προχωρησες ετσι ρε ? εχει γινει πολυ πολυπλοκο μονο απο το interface καταλαβαινω τη δουλεια εριξες .

Μπραβο παντως )

Ευχαριστω βρε συ.. εε το προγραμμα μου εφαγε παρα πολυ καιρο. τωρα σκεφτομαι να το κανω αυτονομο με ενα arduino mini

simply amazing job !! more like this are needed !

thx my friend :D