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Review Robotics workshop in Owl Patrol Camp 2017

This is a review of the workshop on robotics I did last Owl Camp, February 2017

Hi there!

So as published already here some weeks ago, finally we did the robotics workshop in the Owl Camp February 2017 near London, if you don't know what was about, you can read the intro here.

I have to admit I didn't expect that good welcome to robotics either from children not from parents and volunteers. I know robotics is a trend now, and children like technology and original toys. But it was beyond my ideas about what could happen in the workshop.

Building the mBot robot in the Owl Patrol 2017

First I did a brief introduction with a presentation about robotics and the robot. Then they started building the mBot robot. Some children didn't wait for the presentation to finish and they rushed to start building it.

A moment of children building the mBot robot in the Owl Patrol 2017

Most of them completed it without my assistance, and some asked small doubts, but the kit is well designed (as we know from my reviews) to be build by a child from 7 to up alone, even 6 years old with some adult assistance. At this point I have to thank the volunteers in the Owl Camp who were helping the children building and testing the robot, they were wonderful, as always they are.

Volunteers helping children to build the mBot robot during the Owl Patrol 2017

Children couldn't devote time to program the robot and play with their own programming as we didn't have computers for that, but with one of the three standard programs that the mBot robot comes we had enough to make a little Jungle test Path. So robots tried to "survive" without hitting any other robot or hitting the "fence": all children and volunteers had a lot of fun with that and we all enjoyed the good time of robotics that we in LMR like so much ;-)

mBot robots in the Owl Patrol 2017

Special thanks to all the XP Support Group who helped to make this workshop possible, also the volunteers, and children who were following the instructions, mostly ;-). Makeblock helped letting the 10 mBot robots for the workshop, so more than 10 children could get this experience (some worked by pairs). RobotShop also helped with batteries for the robots, and gave away two robots for free mentioned in the article before, that two children will enjoy from now. Here is their picture, both happy with their new robots (and their parents too as they told me):

The two happy children with their new robots from RobotShop


I'm processing now all the pictures and videos, I plan to publish a video review in next weeks so stay tuned!


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Looks like you had a great time.

Always make you feel so good to help children.

So glad that you shared this with us.

Thank you


Thank you JeffRo. yes it's was a nice experience in general, however I see some cases there that make things difficult even to the most optimistic person. However we have to keep going and work for the best.

Thank you for reading and giving your comment and support. I really appreciate it.

Looks like the workshop was a succes!


Yes Code! Children liked it, also volunteers who helped them. I was amazed by how all of them were into robotics from the very begining. Some children even didn't wait that I finish my presentation but rush directly to open the box kit and started to build it. Of course I didn't stop them: never stop a child who is entusiast about (safe) learning ;-) You'll see soon more with the video I'll publish here.