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UsernameFromWish list
cybermahCanadaWould like to something like a robotic arm to teach my son robotics.
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CakeBottoUnited KingdomAny robot kits or sensors
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inventor of ouarglaALGERIA
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GerardoPalm BeachHumanoid Robots, but in general: any kind of robotics!
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CarmelitoCanadadevelopment boards, microcontrollers, Servo,Robot kits
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VexeliusMexicoI'm an educator interested in robotic kits!
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Deviated DudeIndiaLove ardunio stuff,Like to use experiment with all types of robot gear and sensors on Arduino
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JVarholUSAI like to experiment with switches and lights I also like tracked vehicals, Wireless communication and different microcontrollers
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Z-worldindia"I am migrating to Parallax Propeller","Need the development board for Parallax Propeller","Need to track object using GPS but I don't have one","Am working on Internet of Things","made a rhex robot, but I need to make it wireless"
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craighissettUnited Kingdom
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Diogo BrancoPortugal3D printed Penny (Hexapod) just the chassis.
IainStubbsSouth africaAm wanting to migrate to Arduino, Would love to test Micro Metal Gearmotors HP for next robot
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FranciscodrUnited Kingdom
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robodude95IndiaServo Controller,Tank treads,dc motors,servos,MCUs,3D printers,etc.
SmashleyCanadaCNC / 3D Printing stuff
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LexisonfireUnited Kingdom
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DataSharkWould like my robot to see with a camera, would love a touchscreen for an arduino, a 3-D printer would really help my robot's evolution
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diekonet1IndonesiaRobot or T-Shirt
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sora62896WestchesterMicrocontrollers, Servos, Motors, Motor Controllers, Kits, 3D Printers, Ideas that haven't been shown to the world yet, microcontroller shields, wireless technology, Sensors, E-textiles, GPS, Batteries, Hardware, Tools, prototyping equipment, etc
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DigiSysUSAWant to add wireless camera to record detected intruders, Internet interface for remote control.
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djgphxUSAWireless, Sonar, Computer Vision, Single Board PC
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alt42Vision for Arduino
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KIDBOTUSArobot arms, arduino, picaxe, rasppberry pi
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TobyMUnited KingdomAm interested in .Net MF and serial communication. Also interested in GPS tracking.
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PhotolongIrelandextremely new to everything so if your products is aimed at beginners ... id love to try it
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jwinburnncUSAworking on localization
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arbarnhartArduino compatible processor boards, sensors and communication devices
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AnasIraqelectronic devices, sensors, MCU Hardware, MCU programing, motor drivers, motor controllers
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KelpyUnited KingdomI am retired, with plenty of time. Kits would be ideal.
dario111croCroatiaI would like to connect my robots to internet...
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Chris the CarpenterU.S. of A8 pixel thermopile array, ardino shields,oled displays hall effect sensors
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danUnited Kingdom
TOTAL_NoobUKAnything, I would like to test out technology as a "NOOB" user which should basically tell you how easy the device is to control/manipulate.
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FarisAustraliaRobots, Sensors, Kits, Chassis, Mechanical Components: Grippers, Wheels, Tracks, Servos, actuators etc...
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djhesit8Romaniageared motors, threads, wheels, motor drivers, avr, and everything easy and fancy like for girls
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Jad-BerroLebanondevelopment boards, motor drivers, GPS, ethernet, anything else.
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Geir AndersenNorway.NET micro framework based systems, new stuff like mbed, small kits that I can try out with my kids, prototyping stuff
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DutchBotNetherlandsParallax / PICaxe compatible
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XicoMBDPortugalPropeller boards or anything that can work with picaxe, arduino or processing...
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amando96PortugalAny useful tools. weather related measuring devices. For AATV: High current motor driver, 2 channels(5v interfaced, 10Amp per channel) For rorcle: serial lcd, 2-4vdc to 5vdc boost converter.