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Matt “Ricco” Sauve

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Hi Ricco

You probably won't remember me. We were in contact a few years agao when I contacted you about upping your 4 cue (i think it was) firework system to 32. I have just stumbled upon your 32 cue post and was really pleased to see how you have got on. I still haven't had the chance to use the software you wrote for me though. I don't have the brains, despite trying to learn visual.

I wonder if you have thought about controling the cue box and firing times from the pc via a usb cable which connects to a power supply. If your software had the ability to import a music track, and via a wave table display the track you could add "cues" by taping the space bar. You could then assign fireworks to each cue, and if you knew the times of ignition to effect of each firework you could create a musical display.

A lot of pro systems seem to use 8 wires multiplexed up to 16 cues ( 4 X 4 ) I think.

The laptop software would obviously know this and be able to switch the power off and on at the power box based on the cue times.


I probably haven't explained it very well, as I have said no brains.


Any way have a think, and glad to see what you have accomplished.