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Robie's robot Wreckers

I am planning an art installation for the 2018 Burning man event . It is to be titled Ralph's Robot Wreckers I am looking for help with the animation and light, sound effects. I am especially trying to figure out how to put the mannequin on a swivel base that can be programmed to turn 90 deg. when the start button is pressed and after the presentation finishes, rotate back 90 deg to it's starting position.I also need help with the light effects and voice. If anyone in the community can give me some advise/ direction I would appreciate it. I live near San Jose Ca. Ralph’s Robot Wrecking Yard Robot to be a male mannequin ( already acquired) wearing gold metallic unitard with Robot glasses or blank mirrored face and Positronic brain (clear bowl on top of head with led lights ) sitting in a kiosk 4’ x 4’ x 7 ft high with 100 watt solar panel on roof charging batteries which power the displays. Robot to be surrounded by console containing lights and dials and computer trash. Kiosk to be festooned with robot masks , body parts, and techno trash including talking toaster. Things I want to include : lap top attached to console to show presentation of robot capabilities ( made up) which will play continuously while display is activated Solar spotlights light up kiosk at night. Light show disco ball in roof activates when visitor trips proximity switch. panel lights and sounds and big red switch flashing stay on continuously. Robot torso on swivel. When visitor presses big red button, , robot, who is facing side console supposedly working turns to face visitor. Robot greats visitor and tells them about Robbie’s Wrecking service. As robot talks light in mouth hole flashes on and off. After robot gives spiel he thanks person for coming and asks them to sign the guest book then tells them he is busy and good by then turns to side again to finish work. And display switches off

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Would be good to have a drawing to better picture what you have in mind!

Added a temp image (placeholder). As JP indicated, would be nice to see a sketch of what you have planned - perhaps even use Sketchup 3D (lots of shapes can be found in their "warehouse" and imported)