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Roboduino - Robotics Microcontroller , 100% Arduino Compatible

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Hey guys,

I just finished designing and building a microcontroller board. The microcontroller board is basically an Arduino with extra features. The Roboduino features power busses by every pin and UART dedicated pins. This means no need for annoying and costly Arduino shields. The Roboduino is also 100% compatible with the Arduino software and can even accept Arduino shields.

 More info: http://www.curiousinventor.com/kits/roboduino

As for programming the Roboduino you can either use the Arduino software to program or program in straight GCC. ( I personally do straight GCC because I like having complete control of the board and knowing whats happening in the detailed level)

Heres one cool project that one of our beta testers for the Roboduino had created : http://seriousrobotics.wordpress.com/2008/12/22/balancing-roboduino/ . Its a self-balancing robot with the Roboduino as its brains. 

Btw I know all you guys  are diehard PICAXE guys and use BASIC. I used to be a BASIC fan as well. Then I moved on to C and I will never turn back! 

 Anyways, if you guys have any feedback or comments post it up here , I'll check back on this topic.


 Happy Holidays,


 P.S. In the spirit of the season I'll offer you guys a 5% discount on a Roboduino. Just use the promo code : letsmakerobots352

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Wow this is great! All we need now is a PIC version :)
Take a look at this similar Picaxe 18x board here
I use the PIC not the PICAXE, I wont be able to use it effectively.
How about this one?
This one uses the old 16F877, which is pretty old. I could replace it with the 16F887 but i use the 18F series. Thanks for looking though, i will stick to making my own controller boards.
Hey, I'd like to try this, looks interesting from here! Hope I find the time!

Thanks for all the comments

I chose AVR for the following reasons : it has a free C compiler, BASIC compilers exists for a fee(BASCOM), and it has an extremely large community(AVR-freaks).Believe it or not, I used to be a PIC guy and recently "converted" to AVR because of the free C compiler and large community.

I have the full MCC18 compiler that I got for free (Cracked version :D)

Oh wow, that looks great. I use Arduinos for most of my projects, and one of the things that always gives me trouble is getting power to each sensor etc, since the regular Arduino only provides two or three ground pins and one 5v pin. I'll definitely be giving this a try, thanks.


Be sure to contact me when your project is done .
I'd love to post up a picture or video of your project in a showcase section I'm working on.