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Robot from book Computer Controlled Robots for C64, VIC20, Spectrum and BBC

Drive around, and picks up objects
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This robot is from the book "Computer Controlled Robots for C64, VIC20, Spectrum and BBC", which can be downloaded, along with other books of a similar vintage, from the publisher's website: https://usborne.com/browse-books/features/computer-and-coding-books/

I used to borrow the book from the library as a child, but never actually got to build the robot from the book. Recently, after finding the book online for free, I decided to finally build the robot for myself.

The video I've attached is from a few weeks ago, as you can see from the photos i've attached, I now have it on wheels, but am yet to actually get it moving.

To finish it, I need to attach some limit switches to the arm and the gripper, as well as finish wiring everything up, find a way to power it, and program the arduino that I have to control it.

Control will be either by a hand held controller, or via computer serial control. I'm unsure which way to go yet.

When it comes to the construction of the robot, I primarily used MDF, while the book says to use Balsa wood. If I was going to rebuild this robot, I'd definately go down the balsa route. I had a few issues with using MDF, and balsa could have been cut with a sharp x-acto knife.

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Nice of them to put the book online: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxv0SsvibDMTZ2tQMmpyOWtsRFk/view

Based on the parts, the books seems older. It takes a nice step by step appraoch.

Yea, the book is pretty old, from the 80's I'd say from the age of the computers, and the age I would have been when I discovered it originally.

The programming examples probably aren't so useful in the book these days, but the robot is pretty cool. I've built the robot, and am going my own way with the electronics - Primairly an arduino with a motor controller shield, where I can eaither leave it tethered to my PC, and controll it via serial, or make a wired controller for it, or make it work completely autonomously.

Thanks for direct linking to the book.

It's awesome that they put these books online, as they wouldn't have much of a sale value these day's I'd imagine.