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Robot camera?

I need a camera like a CMUcam or a AVRcam for my robot. I was thinking about getting a CMUcam or AVRcam, but there hasn't been much activity lately by the makers of these cameras, so I'm a little hesitant. I want to be able to do onboard color tracking, blob detection, etc.. And I have an Arduino Mega and Duemilinove to use on my robot. Any help from the LMR society goes a long way, and I appreciate it. Thanks!

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Get a NXTcam from Mindsensors.com. It uses I2C interface, so any microcontroller can use it.

Why not use an Android mobile phone and connect the Arduino via Bluetooth or USB host shield. OpenCV is running on Android and is very easy to use. And you will get a lot of additional features like Touch Graphic Display, Accelerometers and WiFi connection for free.

I do have bluetooth on my current robot, I can you point me to some resources to begin? Thanks :)

2 projects I found:

  • Android Object Tracker  is using an Android phone + OpenCV for object recognition and controll an Arduino Uno via headphone output
  • Cellbots is using Bluetooth to communicate with an Arduino robot, no OpenCV support so far. I'm using the Cellbots code for my MASHR project

I would agree with RobotFreak - or as another option, get an IP Camera like a Foscam turret.
I did this for fun here


I stream the images to a computer for live processing - having a uC do processing of video IMHO is more trouble than its worth


I have tried using an android tablet as an Incan, sending live videos to my computer for image processing, then using Bluetooth to send commands back to the robot. It never worked well, I ended up burning out a motor drive with all the oscilations due to corrections in tracking. I want on board processing.

This is the only uC-camera that I know of which has not been mentioned.

I actually purchased one, and tried a form of LK-Optical tracking ...  it was "mediocre" at best and the code does not support blob detection or any other higher level functions.

I personally would prefer to be in the camp of common processors versus these exotic uCs.  The development of a vision library is not a trivial task and software like OpenCV has already been ported to run on a ARM-7 and other extremely small (yet common - thanks to the smartphone) processors.  I suspect that OpenCV will be ported to a Rasberry-Pi too if they have actually started to sell there units.


im using 2 linksprite jpeg cameras and transmitting results back over to pc via blue tooth for processing. at 50% compression i can get a stereo image every couple of seconds from my arduino mega. interface is serial, so uses arduino hardware or software serial connections straight out of the box. limiting factor is bandwidth, which is why im looking forwards to raspberry pi. arduino itself just doesnt have the power for image processing.

if u decide to go for linksprite, feel free to grab my api - the example code is buggy and pre arduino 1.0. its at robotblogging.blogspot.com/2012/04/quick-camera-api.html. im getting to work on face recog ition soon so will document my results up there. 

p.s. if u get one, make sure u get the wire for it as well :)