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Robot Made of CDs

Congrats to robotgoldfish for his robot 23:59.  He has chosen the Sumobot kit as a prize.


Thanks for everyone who particitaped.


If you wish to enter a robot, put a link to the robot page in the comments.

EXAMPLE - 32 cds used to create this robot.  1 or 2 will meet requirements, but keep in mind may not win you the challenge.






EDIT: Enter your robot as a link in the comments

Hello Everyone, I'm back again from another long hiatus. I mentioned this challenge a long time ago on the Robot Party hosted by RobotGrrrl, but I just haven't gotten around to posting it here.  So here it is:  The challenge is to build a robot using CDs.  The idea came from me pondering about what materials could I use to build my next robot.  Most people do not have access or the resources to obtain most of the robot building materials I use.  I began thinking of alternatives and I came up with compact discs.  They are easily obtainable (often free) and easy to machine. 

The judging will be based on these criteria

1.  Creativity

2.  Functionality - Does it actually do something

3.  Use of CDs - the more the better

There will be prizes and the winner will be announced live on the Robot Party.

I will post an example of a robot I built later this week to give you some inspiration.

Happy Building :D


BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit - Serial (With USB Adapter and Cable)

SUMO BOT : Build Your Own Remote-Controlled Programmable Sumo-Bot

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Where can you post the prizes? Finland maybe?

Yes, I should be able to post to Finland.

Okay, so then i'm making the robot right now :)
(Actually i we're making it before you answered :D)


Ready maybe today or tomorrow :)

Question: IF only 1 robot takes a part, does it get a prize?

I don't see why not. So far things are looking good for you.

Wooohooo! I leaped when I saw this, it's great to see it will actually happen! :D

When does the challenge end exactly? In October?

I figure that the end of September should be long enough to build a robot of some sort.  Winner annouced in October perhaps.

im building it right now

... and they are not that easy to machine :)

Maybe I don't have the right tools, but they tend to crack unexpectedly and sometimes they can be hard to glue. Again, maybe I don't have the right kind of glue...