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Robotic Arm

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Hi everyone, I finally finished my first robot. It is wooden arm with 4 servos. I was inspirated by Pinaut, who made this robot: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/micro-servo-robot?page=10

It all started four years ago when I was only ten years old. My dad bought for me Arduino Starter Kit. I made a lot of simple projects. But it was boring for me because I only writed codes and I did not understand it. So I put it into the cupboard and left it here. I took it out after 3 years because my father wanted to make some project. I saw that he made amazing proect ,so I decided to make some projects ,too. I started with LCD displays and ended with servos . I found some projects on Internet and I also found projects from Pinaut. I thought, it could be ineresting to make robot like his. I bought servos from E-bay but I had a problem. I had to use Stable Power Source but I did not know how I can reach it. Fortunately, my dad's colleague adviced me to use Powerbank. I was very happy when I found out that it works. Then I made underlay from parquet and stuck on it Arduino UNO, Battery, Powerbank, Robotic Arm and Receiver. I did not want to make all like Pinaut's robot ,so I decided to manage it with controller. I made a code and it works . It finaly works. I want to thank to Pinaut because without him, I have never find this super webside Let's Make Robots.

My robotic arm

Arduino UNO, Powerbank, Battery and Receiver

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Sorry for my mistakes, but I am only a student on primary school!!

If you counted my mistakes per hour you would be very tired. Keep making and correcting them. Its all part of learning.

Yes, it is true. I am going to correct some of them. But tell me, have I got a lot of mistakes here?


If it performs to your expectations call it done. An interesting extension to the robotic arm is to pick up some light weight objects and put them in another pile. Alter that you can add color detection and pickup up candies such as M&M's and sort by color.

If you have the resources, leave the project intact and start afresh. Good way to visualize progress.

Nice project Mr.Mad! Looking forward to seeing your next one, and chatting with you on Slack.

Thank you Jp. After this project , I am going to make a 3D Printer and then I can make robots from plastic. I am looking forwad  on it.Smile-tpvgames.gifSmile-tpvgames.gif