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Robotics workshop in Owl Patrol Camp 2017

This is a free robotics workshop for children who attends the Owl Camp. More in the article below

In my spare time besides my family and the hobby in LMR, I collaborate with an association that helps people with a rare condition: Xeroderma Pigmentosum (or XP), my son has it so we (my family) created the support group for Spain, so we support people with this condition (also their families and teachers).
The thing is in UK they have a great XP Support Group and they do an amazing weekend-Camp for children with XP and their family every year, with activities for children. It is near London if you wander...

Owl Patrol group picture
This year 2017 the Camp is the 10th of February. It is my second year as volunteer (we are a many in the Camp), and I proposed a robotics activity (of course ;-) ) and they... accepted!
What we are going to do two things:
  • Free workshop for children about robotics (similar to this one): we'll see in practice what is a robot, its parts, children will assemble and handle a robot. It will be the mBot thanks to Makeblock that will let us use 10 mBots to practice with!
  • Contest-raffle for the workshop participants to give away: 1 mBot kit and 1 Spider Robot kit thanks to RobotShop.


Makeblock mBot v1.1 Pink STEM Educational Programmable Robot (Bluetooth)  

Makeblock mBot v1.1 Pink STEM Educational Programmable Robot (Bluetooth)


Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit

Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit


Everything is set and running now. We'll be posting news as they happen in Let's Make Robots' Twitter and Facebook group. Please leave your comments below and visit the video of the last Workshop and give it a Like and Follow to support us, thanks! ;-)


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First time I have heard of this condition. I used to work with disabled children and never heard of this one. Franciscodr what can I do to help with your project of the UV detector. I now understand where I did not before. Take care and it sounds like you had a fantastic weekend with the kids...


Hi JeffRo,

Thank you for your consideration. It's nice to know you worked with disabled children, the issue is there are so many rare conditions we don't know that it's difficult to cope with all of them... 

Thank you also for your offering regarding the UV detector. At the moment it's going fine, maybe later I ask for help. Thanks!

I will publish soon about these weekend, stay tuned.

It's always nice to see people "in the know" getting involved in schools - most teachers don't have a lot of background in robotics and could certainly use the expertise. The fact that you became involved with a special cause is even better.


Thank you Cole! I appreciate your words. It's amazing how little people know about robotics and the technology involved. I think we have to return to society as much as we can because we were lucky being born where we have been, and having a good education and habilities to progress. Thank you also for yours and RobotShop support. I'll publish about the weekend soon ;-)