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Rolf Robotsson

Hanging around

My first robot project!

This is my girlfriend's old stereo, I thought it would be more fun to be able to
drive it around rather than never be using it. 

Rolf Robotsson



I'm just getting started, everything's a mess =)

Rolf Robotsson


I'm using an old Netgear wireless router hooked up to an ethernet shield on my Arduino.
This way I can communicate wirelessly to any of my computers or mobile devices, and
with its own local network. This is not the best way to do it, Rolf gets really heavy and
there's not much space left in there, but it works!

The heavy weight is also due to the six 1.5v batteries which are kept in the original
battery compartment. 

I'm using my own iPhone, Android and Mac apps to control him.


September 29

I've now hooked up an MP3 Trigger V2 to the speakers.
The board supports up to 18 mp3 files, so I will fill the SD card with things that will make Rolf talk =)
Things like "yes", "no", "okay"... 18 things to say is not much, but it will be AWSOME!

I'm getting some new parts tomorrow, and I will hook the mp3 trigger to the Arduino board then.
I've ordered an Arduino Ethernet and a motor driver shield. This way I can get rid of the
Ethernet shield and some of the wire mess... I'll post an update tomorrow!


September 30

Had some trouble with the Ardumoto Shield, seems like it's not compatible with the Arduino Ethernet board =(
It uses the same pins, and I'll need extra long stackable headers to make it fit the Arduino Ethernet.

But the Mp3 Trigger is now hooked up to the speakers, and it works great! 



1x Arduino Uno (will be replaced by an Arduino Ethernet)
1x Ethernet Shield for Arduino (will be replaced by an Arduino Ethernet)
1x MP3 Trigger V2
1x Netgear WGR614
2x Micro Metal Gearmotor
1x Pololu Wheel Pair 32x7mm 

I'm getting most of my parts from www.lawicel-shop.se here in Sweden.

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What a great build!
A bit messy, but still a great build. I would agree that the wireless router is a bit overkill, but as your recycling old stuff that’s great. The next logical step might be an MP3 shield to get some music out of those speakers.

Thank you! My next step is to clean up that mess =)

A question, i'm using transistors for my motors, do i really need them?
My motors are very small.. I'm still learning! 

instead the transistors you can also use a L293 (shield) or similar IC. Check the max current the motors need (with wheels blocked). Imho never connect a motor directly to an arduino.

...on the other hand, that shield seems very neat =) I'll check it out!

Another question, will shields for Duemilanove fit my Arduino Uno? Can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere.. Thanks!

I'm pretty confident the answer is yes. I've seen shields advertized that fit both. I don't think Arduino changed the form factor.

If you are asking if you can just use the outputs of your Arduino to drive the motors, then they answer is, 'No'.

You need something that can supply enough current for your motors. Even small motors are too much for the digital outputs of your microprocessor.

You can you transistors, build an h-bridge if you need bi-directional control, or buy a motor driver chip as somone else suggested.

Thanks for your help! I'll keep the transistors.

I have to say this mp3 player works quite well:


199 mp3's onto a sd card. stereo, commands by rs232, I'm having one (not on a robot yet) and i was supprised by the good audio quality it brings.

That's awesome man!    Nice work!