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Rover mK2 / Prototype

Hello everybody,

Today, i'm introduce you to my most important project, the Rover mK2 :

I'm working on robot since i've 14 yo. Like you, i've start this hobby with cheap homemade robot (a plank of wood, two DC motors and a cellpack) but now, i'm 22 yo, and after several robot project, i've decided to build one, who look like a professional one.












So, after 5 month of work, in parallel of my work at the factory, i've made that :

Global view

He is wholly made in 3mm of aluminium sheets, laser cut by a company in France.

(Robot is currently on a wood plank with plastic wheels to move him effortlessly, the black net is a grip plastic sheet)




Motorization part :

Gears view

The motorization is based on a pair of the powerfull RE850 from MFA, to reduce the speed and upgrade the torque of them, i've designed a reductor, all of gears was in steel and have been turn machining to reduce their thicknesses and fit in my gear box. All of the axes was mounted on balls bearings to reduce noises and friction.




Frame part :





Electronic parts :

I've also designed all of my electronics cards, i've decided to make a card for each fonction.

All the PCB have been made by OSHPark, in USA.

2 power supplies, 5V1A, and adjustable :


Power interface for motor :


Wireless Serial communication :

Front viewBottomView

Headlights :

Front view

Main control, based on a 328P from Atmel, with an Arduino bootloader :






/!\ This robot isn't finish yet, i will update this post as soon as possible. I would add more informations and pictures soon :D





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Very good design!
To the chassis and drive I can only envy you ;)

The construction is already professional, but the commercial goods here in Germany is only scrap metal.

Have fun and have fun with it!


Really looking forward to seeing it move.